Dry Cleaning is available for your convenience. Pick-up / Drop-off is on Monday and Thursday in the management office. Just bring whatever you need dry cleaned down to the office on the Pick-up / Drop Off days and it will be available to you by the next Monday or Thursday. Click the word ‘Dry Cleaning’ to see a price list. Dry cleaning laundry bags are available in the office. If you would like to sign up for Dry Cleaning Services please complete an APPLICATION FORM.


Expecting something important? Here at the Triangle all packages are delivered to the office Monday – Friday. When we receive a package for you a notification will be sent to your email address (typically between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm).


Wireless Internet is available at no cost in both Towers.  Just select “Case Wireless” and enter you case username (example-abc123) and your email password and launch your web browser.


Laundry facilities available at the Triangle is a coinless system. Wash and Dry as much or as little as you want at no cost. New High Efficiency Washers are available in each laundry room. Laundry Rooms are located in both buildings on the following floors:
Tower 1 – 3rd floor and 9th floor
Tower2 – 2nd floor and 6th floor

Washing Machine Operation

  • READY MODE – display screen will be flashing the wash time, only use a washing machine with a flashing display screen
  • LOAD WASHER – fill washer with laundry, be care not to overload machine, ensure that ALL items are in the washer and do not get caught in the door closure. Close door.
  • ADD DETERGENT – Pull open detergent dispenser tray located at the top left corner of the washing machine. Add laundry detergent to the appropriate section. DO NOT USE POWDER DETERGENT. The machine only uses liquid detergent only. Once detergent is added close dispenser.
  • SELECT CYCLE – Select the cycle appropriate to your clothes needs and then press start.


All residents with bicycles will need to register their bicycle online. Any unregistered bicycle will be impounded for a period of 30 days and if not claimed will be donated to a charity of the Triangle’s choice. To register your bicycle please click here.